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The toys in this section encourage skills needed for everyday living. They are examples of learning through play.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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  • Threader Shapes
    Threader Shapes

    Two wooden lollipops, ready for threading, requires two hands.

  • Buckly Bear
    Buckly Bear

    5 different types of plastic buckles on the outside, a motion activated...

  • Adult Neckerchew
    Adult Neckerchew

    3 layered & reversible the Neckerchew is a quality cotton bib with a...

  • Zippedeedo-up

    Six popular closures hung on a frame for practice. Build up confidence...

  • Smart Gown
    Smart Gown

    Keep dry this summer! This damp-proof full length outer jacket has wide...

  • Stringing Shapes
    Stringing Shapes

    String 5 different shapes on the metre-long plaited cords according to...