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While developing motor skills puzzles also lead to concepts such as object permanence; within a post box or behind a sliding door.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items

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  • Tactile Bag
    Tactile Bag

    A set of 20 squares of material with different textures packed in a...

  • Farm Sound Block
    Farm Sound Block

    2 Piece puzzles with 6 reinforcing farmyard sounds

  • Tactile Box
    Tactile Box

    Crafty slanted wooden box displays all ten pairs of wood-backed tactile...

  • Tactillos

    Five large rubbery stepping stones with matching handheld tokens. Each...

  • Breakfast Puzzle
    Breakfast Puzzle

    Children can learn the names of these puzzle pieces. A new and improved...

  • Squeak Drop Box
    Squeak Drop Box

    The bears slide noisily down their own tubes.